Clancy, Jr. the Shark Errata


If you purchased Clancy, Jr. before February 16, 2019, please see below for errata.

TAIL. After the short rows are worked in the tail, it should read: Rnd 3: Repeat Rnd 2.

LARGE BACK FIN. The last line about finishing the tail was cut off. After Rnd 8, it should read: Bind off using 3 Needle Bind Off, dividing the stitches evenly between two double pointed needles. Leave a long tail for sewing.

FINISHING. The language in the section about sewing the fins to the body has been updated for clarity: 

With right sides out, line up the mouth piece inside of the opening in the body and pin into place. The mouth is worked in reverse stockinette, so the purl side will be facing out. The BO edge of the mouth piece will fit into the blue part of the body. The CO edge of the mouth piece will align with the tummy side of the body. Mattress stitch around the mouth, but stop about three quarters around. Add more stuffing to the body if necessary, then sew the rest of the way around the mouth.

Whip stitch the side fins and small back fin closed along the CO edge. Sew the side fins to the body where the tummy and body meet, about 1 inch/2.5 cm behind the corner of the mouth. See photos for reference. Sew the back fins to the center back, using the photos as a guide.

The RECOMMENDED YARN has also changed.

This pattern was accepted into the KnitPicks Independent Designers program, and as a result I have updated the recommended yarn from Lion Brand Hometown USA to KnitPicks' Mighty Stitch Super Bulky. The new yarn is slightly thicker and has a different gauge, but the pattern itself has not changed. Either yarn will still be fine for the pattern. Mighty Stitch will just make a slightly larger shark.

Rebecca Olsonclancy jr, errata