Rabbits and Robots

Critter Adoptions

At Rabbits and Robots, you’re not just buying a toy, but adopting a critter to love. Each original critter is lovingly handmade by founder Rebecca Olson. She chooses the misfits of the animal kingdom for her designs because they need some TLC too!

Every critter arrives at its new home with Super Official adoption paperwork that includes care instructions, a place to name your critter, and the line to sign to make the adoption official.



Critters come in two sizes: small and huggable.

Small is just the right size for pockets and little hands. These critters travel well and are great at support! Tuck one in your pocket or bag, and have a friend with you all day.

Huggable is the right size for a squeeze. They are generally 2-3 times bigger than the extra small critters. These critters are great for holding, carrying, cuddling in bed - cuddling anywhere really!




Rebecca has been writing knitting patterns since 2010. If you love to knit and love making toys, please check out the store for a selection of Rabbits and Robots critters that you can knit up yourself!

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